Schedule of presentations for ISG-ISRS NS 2019

T-1: Advances and Innovations in Image Processing
Reg no Paper title Acceptance Author Email
201907010 Assessment of INSAT 3D/3DR Surface Insolation Product for Solar Resource Mapping Oral ARUN SHAMRAV SURYAVANSHI
201907030 Automated Change Detection using Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) data by multivariate statistics techniques Oral INDRANIL MISRA
201907043 Atmospheric correction for high resolution sensors: comparative study for atmospheric profiles from various sources Oral ARVIND KUMAR SINGH
201907047 Across Track Radiometric Evaluation of RS2-Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS) Using Vicarious Approach Oral MANEESHA GUPTA
201907056 cloud removal from multi-spectral images using feature-loss technique Oral AMIYA KUMAR SAHOO
201907057 clouds removal from multi-spectral satellite images by image super resolution using pre-trained GAN Oral AJAY KUMAR GOGINENI
201907086 Speckle Noise Reduction of PolSAR data using Non-Parametric Technique Oral DR. VARSHA TURKAR
201907093 An Approach of Thermal Anomaly Detection from Time Series Multispectral Thermal Infrared MODIS Images Oral RITESH MUJAWDIYA
201907096 Kriging based classification of the satellite Image using pure pixel signature Poster RUCHI DHALL
201907143 Quality Assessment of high resolution (5m) CartoDEM data sets over India Oral VENKATESWARLU ERNALA
201907145 Design of Convex Mirror target for spatial characterization of high-resolution sensors Oral YOGDEEP DESAI
201907153 ISRO’s Navigation Capabilitiesfor Critical Missions Poster KRITI KHATRI
201907162 Performance Analysis of Ground Truth Measurements of RS Receiver across Indian Landmass Oral URVASHI BHATT
201907166 Effects of untrained classes on Kernel based Modified Possibilistic c-mean classifier Oral KOUSHIKEY CHHAPARIYA
201907172 Hyperspecral Unmixing Based on Automatic Sparsity Promoting Iterated Constrained Endmember Detection Algorithm using AVIRIS-NG Data Oral TOUSEEF AHMAD
201907175 Ground Based Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Processing Oral SAMEER KOLESHWAR
201907178 Aster and Landsat 8 OLI Fusion for Mineral Identification in Malanjkhand Area Oral SURYADIPTA MUKHERJEE
201907185 Advanced digital processing techniques for shoreline detection and extraction Oral S SREEKESH
201907196 An Object-Based Classification Approach for Discriminating Polar Ice Features using Landsat 8 Data Oral KAVITA VAIJANATH MITKARI
201907208 Optimized NDWI for Shadow removal and Image Segmentation Poster GOWTHAM GOLLAPALLI
201907213 Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature and Surface Emissivity using Landsat-8 data Oral VISHAL NAVINCHANDRA PATHAK
201907215 Geospatial Vector Data Outsourcing using Hash based Approximation Transformation Oral DR. SANGITA CHAUDHARI
201907233 A Novel approach of Removal of Salt and Pepper Noise Using Morphological Operations Oral AKHIL ULHAS MASURKAR
201907237 Impact of streetlights and vehicular traffic on Nighttime lights Oral PRASUN KUMAR GUPTA
201907250 Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Classification of Airborne LiDAR Data Oral MAYANK SHARMA
201907258 PWM based Adaptive Cooler Drive & Control Electronics Oral PRADEEP SONI